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What to Look for if you think you have rats in the attic

Hi my name is Brendan Mangnitz and I am the owner of 24/7 Wildlife Control. I have been in business now on my own for nearly five years and I have been in this industry for close to 10 years working with friends, family and other companies while learning, training and understanding the wildlife removal & nuisance animal control industry. I started off by graduating from the University of South Florida with my Business Management degree. After this degree I got into the field of wildlife control because I knew there was a big issue with rats getting into people's residences and I realized that there are not many professional rat removal companies. I wanted to be one of the most professional rat removal companies and rat trapping companies out there. You want to hire professional and honest bat removal and rat trapper that is properly licensed, insured, bonded, has workers comp, but additionally you want to hire rat removal companies and rat trappers that show up in uniforms, have wonderful customer service, have clean trucks and respect both of you and the animals like the rats being trapped. We treat our animals in a humane way.

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There are many common signs of a rat or Rodent Infestation. I am going to take the time in this article and go over the top 4 things to look for when you think you are having an issue with rats or you think you may have a rodent Infestation. Please keep in mind, just because you may have rats in the attic, it does not mean that you are dirty or anything like that, it just means that you have some factors around your home that are in favor of attracting rats. You can check out my other articles how how to eliminate these conducive conditions to prevent a rodent infestation.

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Rat Poop: The easiest way to tell if you are having a problem with rats in the attic is to do an inspection of the attic and the insulation itself. Make sure you wear a respirator when you are in the attic doing a rat inspection, and have a high powered flashlight so you can see. Walk around the attic, do you see rat poop? Chances are if you’ve been hearing noises in the attic you will see evidence of the animals feces and urine. Rat poop is very easy to identify, it will be all over the place, rats do not just defecate in one area, rats poop while they are walking. So if you see small little droppings in your attic that look very similar to bird seeds, chances are you have rats in the attic. Look around the AC handler, rats like to hang around the AC handler in the attic because it can lead to condensation which would provide the rats with water. Also look around any boxes that you have in the attic. The boxes are good shelter for the rats in the attic, so you may see rat feces around or even in the boxes. Take the time and do a thorough inspection of your attic and all the insulation. If you see dropping that look like rat feces you more than likely have rats in the attic.

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I strongly recommend giving me a call at My name is Brendan Mangnitz and I'll be more than happy to go over any concerns of bacterial diseases or viruses that rat infestations can cause. If you need any more information you can always visit my How To Remove rats guide for more rat facts.